x_iluvyou_x (x_iluvyou_x) wrote,

1. Choose 16 people from your friends list at random.
2. Write something about/to each of them.
3. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg! ;)

ok so i only had time for 12 ; p

1. wow. we've been thru a hella lot. we didnt get along too well in 6th grade but im so glad we got close in 8th grade. some times i wish rockledge had an aftercare where we could have soooo many more inside jokes like we did in eigth grade. even tho this year has been rough, i still love you like a sister and ill always be here for you if you ever need me. i really wish things didnt happen like they did this year, but shit happens. but i luv ya girl and i hope things get better between us.

2. well even tho ive only met you once you're still one of the sweetest people alive. thank you soooo much for being here to talk to and dont ever forget im here for you too! i really hope all the crap you've been thru has passed cuz u really dont deserve any of it. that you sooo very much for all the advice youve given me these past months and hopefully this summer we can meet up again. love you! <33

3. this is the funniest person in the whole world. i met you last year cuz we had some classes together. and we always had a blast on the bus.im soooo glad we got more classes together this year! more teachers to make fun of!! i wanna say thank you so much for always makin me laugh. i dunno how i would lived with out ya! lol your awesome and i luv ya tonz!

4. hey you. i kno u didnt exactly like me too much last year at the beginning of the year but im soo glad we got closer. o and im sorry agian for getting mad at you last year for something you didnt even do. lol. ill never forget that night we spilled everything to each other at my house. thank you sooo much for keeping my deepest secrets and i hope you kno you can trust me too. your a great person and i still have that list of why im your friend! lol thank you again so very much for being such a great friend and for being a shoulder to lean on so many times. im here for you too and i love ya bunches!

5. i dont really know you that well except for one class we had last semester last year even tho we never talked in there. lol. but your reall cool and we should def hang out sometime when your wearing your chick pants! lol!! <33

6. hey! so weve had so many good times third period last year. and i miss my twin! i hope life is treating you well and i wish we could be as close as we we're last year. love always.

7. we didnt really kno each other very well until 8th grade even tho we went to the same school for years! but im sooooo glad we had gotten soo close. 8th grade was a BLAST with you as my best friend. (i still have our notebook with all our notes in it..lol)i hate how we've seemed to drift apart last year but i miss you and we definety need to hang out again..make some more inside jokes. thanks for being there thru many many rough times. and no matter what happenes with us ill always be here for you! wakie wakie talkie talkie!

8. you are my family you are myyy friends!!! great song! we got pretty close in middle school and while we drifted in high school maybe we could still hang out sometime and siiiiing! lol i luv yaz!

9. i met you at surf camp last year and we had a BLAST! who beat palm bay this year?? rockedge maybe??? yayaya lol anyways your awesome and i luv ya soo much. see yea next tuesday hopefully!

10. wow i dont think you and i were ever really friends. i thought that maybe after sms we could forgive and forget about all the shit but i guess that s not really possible for you. i just want you to kno that the thing you accused me of wasn't even true. maybe you can get past it so we can be friends again..idk

11. i met you last year thru cheerleading and i have to say you are soooo sweet. ill never forget running around chella'a pool and dancing. this year and the next two years will be soooo much fun! your awesome chickie and i want you to kno ive always got your back and im always here you! love love!

12. hey you! i kno we didnt really even talk until this year but you are still so awesome. i hope everything with you and your baby is going much better. yall have been together soo long you guys just need to get married already! anyways i love you gurl and thanks for bein here to talk to even when me and your best friend basically hate each other lol. but dont forget ill always be here for you too. love you!

here's some more and im sooo sorry i didnt have time to put these up yesterday but i love you guys moreee!! lol

13. wow we've been at the same school for many years and i kno weve been thru alot. but yea i want to clear up some of the crap that happened in the past. i want to let you know that i promise you i never did what i was accused of doing to you in 8th grade. ive very sorry for what happened but i promise i would never have done that to you. i kno we've never been really close but im still here for you no matter what. (btw your STILL having nine kids)

14. well i didnt really kno you until this year cuz we got science together. but you are definetly an awesome person. thanks for makin me laugh sooo many times and for the pic u made me. anyways luv ya babe

15. well ive never actually met you but i kno we have a lot in common with dance n all. thanks for being here to talk to and i hope everything is going good for you. good luck with your life!

16. hi my name's KEITH!! haha im so glad i have a class with you this year. we've had sooo many laughs and its not even halfway over. ur so awesome and i luv ya!

ok guys so try to guess who you are...
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