x_iluvyou_x (x_iluvyou_x) wrote,

so we just got back from the boat. lots of fun of course! we got pretty beat up by the waves at the end but it was still good. went kneeboarding..jordan tried it and got up! of course my brother was ok getting on the board but REFUSED to put his knees up.. he was yellin STOP!!! before we got to full speed.. lol

last night was..interesting. went to panara with joe, laura, jordan and then met up with ben eddie bobby and brian..then we left and yea...long story

btw- to YOU, Please call me when you see this. im really worried and i want to make sure eveything is ok. i left you a message on the story i told ur mom but please call to let me kno everything is fine.

well gotta go get in the shower...even tho i kno its gunna hurt since im burnt :/
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